I am an anthropologist specialized in urban studies, street economies, globalization, copying and imitation, illegality and borders. I work at Leiden University, where I teach at the Latin American Studies and International Studies programs. My research interests include the ethnography of marketplaces and street vending, copyrights piracy, emerging urban cultures, transnational commodity chains, security policies and border cities. I have conducted extensive fieldwork in Latin America and China, particularly in Mexico, Ecuador, Peru, and the Iguazú Triangle, the urban cluster at the borders of Paraguay, Brazil and Argentina.

As consultant and advisor, I have collaborated with think-tanks, cultural associations, govermental organisations and mass media, for the development of research and data collection, supervision of international projects and networks in the Netherlands and Latin America on issues related to cities, city cultures, urban management, cultural rights, copyrights piracy, violence, criminality and security, among others.

Coming up

- MA course: 'Neoliberalism and Illegality', Leiden University, spring 2017.

- Kick-off Conference Research Group 'From Disorder to Order', Leiden University, October 20-21, 2016.


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